Hi My name is Maria Eleonora Bailey, I'm a business consultant for holistic health specialists. I have a huge passion for life and nature and when I realized, I could change people's business with my skills, help them offering better and healthier lifestyles, natural approaches, I didn't think twice and started Epiam Holistic Guidance and Consulting.

I grew up in Brazil in a family that values Mind, Body and Soul in different aspects. With over a decade of professional experience and two companies, my Marketing and Business background is my tool to work meaningfully on changing the world. I'm currently working close to professionals in the alternative healthcare field that are willing to become successful entrepreneurs.

My main mission on Epiam Holistic is to translate and reconfigure rules of business and marketing to build and support better businesses. Inspire and pivot mindsets bringing to professionals knowledge and structure on their careers, so they can not only serve, but also have a substantial presence in the economy, owing respect and trust.



Maria Eleonora Bailey, Epiam Holistic Owner - San Francisco, CA

Maria Eleonora Bailey, Epiam Holistic Owner - San Francisco, CA

Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.
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Working with me:

  • Define and embrace your goals
  • Identify and address your business challenges
  • Develop a strategy for overcoming obstacles
  • Maintain the focus and clarity of your business
  • Improve day-to-day operations
  • Create a plan for long-term success and growth
  • Build a more profitable, efficient businesses