Hi it's nice to meet you!

Hey my name is Maria I'm an Intelligence Coach, corporate trainer, speaker and Google facilitator on the #IAmRemarkable project,  100% Brazilian, Halzenut macchiato lover, ex-vegetarian, and self-development addicted. I thrive on supporting professionals and my mission is holding you accountable for your success.

I graduated from UC Berkeley in Marketing for Business and I've been working as a consultant for over 3 years in the Bay Area for professionals and companies such as Google, Amazon, Kaiser Permanent and more


One day I woke up and decide to kiss goodbye on all business rules I’d learned so far and created my own. I was frustrated as an employee with talent but unseen. I would blame my bosses, my co-workers little I know I had the power to change all that! 

Well...I learned the hard way that I rule everything in my life including my professional life, yes I did choose to pursue an entrepreneurs life, but to support professionals like you that are under the cooperate system and yet know that you can offer so much and BE THE DIFFERENCE...you deserve to be recognized.