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Hey, my name is Maria Eleonora I'm the founder of Epiam, a career coach, corporate trainer, speaker and Google facilitator on the #IAmRemarkable project,  100% Brazilian, Halzenut macchiato lover, ex-vegetarian, and self-development addicted. I support and advocate for diversity and humanity, bringing emotional intelligence and balance for leaders seeking to enhance their corporate performance coming from underrepresented communities, such as, women and LGBTQ, Blacks and Latinx. Professionals who are up for higher responsibilities and to show up in a powerful and successful way, but yet need support to achieve their goals with success. 

I graduated from UC Berkeley in Marketing for Business and I've been working as a consultant for over 3 years in the Bay Area for professionals and companies such as Google, Amazon, Kaiser Permanent and more.

I speak English, Portuguese and let's say I understand Spanish hahahha, my mix of cultures made an advocate for diversification which led me to be a Google facilitator on the #IAmRemarkable project and empower women and minorities at the workplace in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

My coaching process is a cutting-edge modality that offers new possibilities for success. I certified by iPec and learned techniques and exercises developed after nearly 20 years of research in the field of science of human potential and consciousness resulting in a robust system that uses psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, NLP and various learning theories such as emotional intelligence and leadership development. 

It isn't easy for any of us to deal with our sometimes rapidly changing lives. The coaching relationship helps clients not only to manage but thrive in the face of change, the coaching process challenges people to take the time to focus on what they want and help them to recognize and break through what is holding them back from achieving success. Are you tired of doing what you should do and get nowhere?  Working together will enable you to create and experience the life of you choose to yourself based on your values, skills, and purpose. 

As a trainer, my workshops involve helping people in groups transform themselves, their communities and their world. It consists of impacting people's vision and value as well as assisting them to reshape the way of being thinking and actions. It involves challenging and supporting people in achieving higher levels of performance while allowing them to bring out the best of themselves and those around them.

I also host a Youtube channel,  Epiam Holistic TV where  I have As to you Qs about how to become a thriving professional! Got a question? send it over to info@epiamholistic.com


Maria Bailey


Approvals & Appraisals

The Goal Digger and Vision Board Workshop with Maria was more than I could have hoped for. I have always struggled with knowing exactly how to set goals and fear about setting and failing.
Not only was I able to set goals in a way that I feel good about but was able, through the group coaching (which was awesome!), to really break through and realize a big next step I needed to take in my business. The Vision Board party was so fun to do with a group. Took it to a whole other level. Met some super rad women....it was really a lovely, powerful, beautifully thought out day. Maria is an amazing woman and coach. It is clear that she is thriving in her passion.
— Blaire J. - Health Coach
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Você plantou a semente, agora é exercitar e praticar sempre!!! Obrigada por me fazer lembrar de que eu esqueci de praticar, vou exercitar tudo que aprendi, bjo.
— Maria Aparecida Barbosa - Retired
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The sessions were amazing! The content Maria shares are very fulfilling and productive!
She always gives me a thousand ideas and a huge wish to make it happen!
The best part…all in a very organized and consistent way!
Each opportunity to follow your tips and lessons was a deep dive into self-development!
Maria is a coach who helps people get control of their lives and turns every single idea into a real possibility of growth!
— Bruno Loturco - Head of Content at BuildIn
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With only one session I was able to manage better my time at work and in life. It was the perfect jump start to deal with challenging situations on a daily basis.
— Leandro Amaro - Manager Assistant at Farm Group
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The sessions were absolutely great! With a practical and assertive approach, I could work on goals, focus, and self-development. I’m really grateful!
— Rafael Gifalli - Sales Rep at 3M

One day I woke up and decide to kiss goodbye on all business rules I’d learned so far and created my own. I was frustrated as an employee with talent but unseen. I would blame my bosses, my co-workers little I know I had the power to change all that! 

Well...I learned the hard way that I rule everything in my life including my professional life, yes I did choose to pursue an entrepreneurs life, but to support professionals like you that are under the cooperate system and yet know that you can offer so much and BE THE DIFFERENCE...you deserve to be recognized.


Approval & Appraisals

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Para mim o processo de coaching foi uma forma de reservar um momento para focar em mim mesma. Onde eu fui direcionada a resolver pontos chaves na minha vida que passam despercebidos ou que antes eu não notava tamanha importância.
Ainda tivemos ajuda de colegas que passam pelos mesmos questionamentos fazendo com que nós consigamos ver com mais facilidade o caminho a ser tomado para ter os melhores resultados.
É um exercício pra vida!
Uma forma de enxergar com clareza as nossas maiores barreiras e assim conseguir derruba-las.
— Francine Choeri - Video Editor at Rede Record
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I am immensely thankful for your generosity and for the amount of information and knowledge I could get from the sessions. The process was really a transformation, breaking patterns added not only for me but also on all those around me, at the end of the day we’re all one.
— Thais Lewgoy - Freeleancer Translator
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Muito obrigada por nos passar tantos ensinamentos e fazer com que aprendamos a nos transformar de maneira correta. Tenho tudo escrito e guardado para que, caso haja necessidade, possa relembrar os propósitos que assumi, da maneira como foi ensinada. GRATIDÃO sempre a você.
— Fatima Dias - Promoter at DQA Promotions
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Ter tido uma troca de conhecimento nas lives, me mostrou o quanto de coisas boas temos para dividir. As conversas foram realmente para evoluir um ao outro. Obrigada por toda generosidade e humildade de dividir conosco. Evolução é compartilhar amor e isso foi feito com certeza
— Ana Sofia Barbosa - Research Manager at Coty Inc