Hi it's nice to meet you!

My name is Maria Eleonora I;m a life and business coach for professional who are looking for monetize their life purpose.

After changing my business model for the 3rd TIME, looking at my bank account with ZERO BALANCE and not even having clients when I was GIVING AWAY my products LITERALLY I was convinced that I was not born to have a business.

Not enough I hired a SCAM online coach and bought the worse business class EVER from a lunatic...when I thought it couldn't get worse

I just wanted to help people succeed in their business, so why everything was going WRONG?

Living in the hub of startups I knew being an entrepreneur had its hurdles, but man...I was following every single step, talking to everyone, going to all events, working nonstop, switched my dinner table to an office desk, and nothing still....NADA


One day I woke up and decide to kiss goodbye on all business rules I’d learned so far and created my own. The Holistic Business Model I called...what happened? Once I aligned business tool+values+mission my business exploded with all the opportunities I wanted!

Get aligned to your purpose and live the life of succes and fullfiment you want and desire.