Hi it's nice to meet you!

Hey my name is Maria I'm a life and business coach for professionals who want to find their life purpose and monetize it! I'm a Google facilitator on #IAmRemarkable project,  100% Brazilian, Halzunet macchiato lover, ex-vegetarian, and self-development addictive. I thrive on supporting people and my mission is holding you accountable on your success. 

I graduated from UC Berkeley in Marketing for Business and I've been working as a consultant for over 3 years in the Bay Area for professionals and companies such as Google, Amazon, Kaiser Permanent and more


One day I woke up and decide to kiss goodbye on all business rules I’d learned so far and created my own. The Holistic Business Model I called...what happened? Once I aligned business tool+values+mission my business exploded with all the opportunities I wanted!

Get aligned to your purpose and live the life of succes and fullfiment you want and desire.