Annual Goal Setting for Unapologetic Women

Annual Goal Setting for Unapologetic Women

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Annual Goals Setting for Unapologetic Women 

My unique tool that took me further on my success in life as a whole in 2017, for you! SO HAPPY!

It was the same tool that helped me:

*build a business that allowed me to quit my job (FREEDOM),

*organize my schedule so I could go to gym, watch Netflix, spend time with Avery, my husband have drinks with friends all without rushing like a cray (TIME)

*same planning tool that brought opportunities to host workshops at Google and other companies in San Francisco (RECOGNITION)

*same tool that made me have a love affair with my money (MONEY+MONEY) got the picture, I'm sharing my secret sauce because you DESERVE to be happy! You can go from failed new year resolutions from Unapologetic Successes!

The workbook to turn your ideas, dreams, and resolutions into successful achievement (cheers) includes:

6 Activities

1 Brainstorming Ideas

2-) Refining Ideas

3-) Set Your Goals

4- Preparing for Sucess

5-) Taking Action

6-) Support and Commitment


**And as a BONUS I'll receive 1 coaching session because one the secrets for unstoppable success is ACCOUNTABILITY and I got you covered lady!