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I'm Maria Eleonora Bailey.

“My main mission on Epiam Holistic is to translate and reconfigure rules of life and business supporting individuals to live in alignment with their truth selves. "

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Hey, my name is Maria Eleonora I'm an Intelligence Success Coach for professionals looking for recognition at the workplace. I'm a trainer, a speaker, and a decaf hazelnut macchiato lover <3. I'm here to guide you, support you, hold you accountable and expand your self-awareness and human intelligence to your full potential so you can thrive achieving your goals with sustainability. 

I am 100% Brazilian and speak English, Portuguese and Spanish, my mix of cultures made an advocate for diversification which led me to be a Google facilitator on the #IAmRemarkable project and empower women and minorities at the workplace at the San Francisco Bay Area. 

My coaching process is a cutting-edge modality that offers new possibilities for success. I certified by iPec and learned techniques and exercises developed after nearly 20 years of research in the field of science of human potential and consciousness resulting in a robust system that uses psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, NLP and various learning theories such as emotional intelligence and leadership development. 

It isn't easy for any of us to deal with our sometimes rapidly changing lives. The coaching relationship helps clients not only to manage but thrive in the face of change, the coaching process challenges people to take the time to focus on what they want and help them to recognize and break through what is holding them back from achieving success. Are you tired tired of doing what you should do and getting no where?  Working together will enable you to create and experience the life of you choose to yourself based on your values, skills, and purpose. 

As a trainer, my workshops involve helping people in groups transform themselves, their communities and their world. It consists of impacting people's vision and value as well as assisting them to reshape the way of being thinking and actions. It involves challenging and supporting people in achieving higher levels of performance while allowing them to bring out the best of themselves and those around them.

I also host a Youtube channel,  Epiam Holistic TV where you can watch Q&A about how to be a better professional. Wanna participate? Send you question to info@epiamholistic.com


Best <>Maria Bailey


“Don’t be satisfied with stories . How things have gone with others. unfold your own myth.”

— Rumi