Vida&Alma Maria Bailey

Programa Vida&Alma

Exclusivo para Brasileiros

Grupo seleto para brasileiros expatriadas que buscam um vida mais balanceada e feliz fora do Brasil. 

Alinhe Familia, Dinheiro, Trabalho, Relacionamentos com os seus valores mais importantes numa jornada de descobertas profundas. 



Start Up

Wondering why aren't my clients moving as fast as I do? (if having clients). How can I make $$$ faster?? Struggling thinking: it's COMPLICATED... that you need to do a gazillion of things (and then you don't get happy). Over-work? Drained?

Program for professionals who commited to monetize their life purpose.

1. Set up Goals
2. Planning / Finances
3. Operations
 4. Marketing
5. Customer Acquiring and Maintaining
6 . Leverage



Private Coaching

For people committed on finding and living their true life purpose, seeking clarity, fulfillment and balance.

12 weekly meeting (virtual or in-person)